Published: 10:31 pm, Wednesday 05 April 2017

Ingliston Revival Festival and Partners announce Interactive Motorsport Area

The Ingliston Revival Festival today announced that it has partnered with Scottish Motor Sports and New College Lanarkshire  to create an interactive motor sport area at the Ingliston Revival Classic Car Festival, to be held at The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston on 13th & 14th May 2017.

The new attraction, which takes place in both indoor and outdoor spaces will welcome visitors interested in finding out more about the huge array of motor sport activity and alumni that takes place in Scotland. Visitors are invited to get hands-on with interactive displays including the wheel change challenge and build their own rocket car as part of the Bloodhound Project, the UKs entry to the land speed record attempt.

Rory Bryant, National Development Manager at Scottish Motor Sports said: “The partnership with the Ingliston Revival and New College Lanarkshire is a fantastic opportunity for us to raise the profile of motorsport in Scotland, which has historically made a major contribution to the world motorsport stage.”

Chris Wallace, Automotive Lecturer at New College Lanarkshire, said: “The partnership with SMS and Ingliston Revival has allowed our students to demonstrate their projects,learnings and goals for a career in motorsport. We are delighted to be part of the event and invite the public to find out more about what we are achieving.”

Sandy Bloomer, Event Director of the Ingliston Revival said: “The partnership between Scottish Motor Sports and New College Lanarkshire raises the Ingliston Revival’s contribution to motorsport in Scotland and adds a whole new area of interest and interactivity for visitors to the festival as part an engaging and entertaining day out.”

The BloodHound Project
Bloodhound is the British attempt at the land speed record, aiming to reach 1,000MPH in a manned vehicle. Part of the project’s legacy is to involve schools and the public in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

The project involves individuals competing to design and create a rocket car and have it timed over a set distance with the fastest times then entered into the national competition. The cars have a small rocket motor mounted in them before being timed over a 25 meter straight. Visitors to the Ingliston Revival will to have the opportunity to compete in this exciting challenge.

Theatrical displays

As well as the motorsport activity taking place at the Ingliston Revival Festival, arts and drama students from the college will ‘pop up’ around the event to reenact scenes reminiscent with the 1960’s. These fun and quirky displays will emphasise the festival’s 1960’s theme and photo opportunities will arise where visitors least expect them!