Ingliston Revival / Track

The Ingliston Revival celebrates the original Ingliston Racing Circuit, a 1.2 mile loop built around Ingliston House, a three story baronial mansion at the heart of the venue. Only since the 2015 Revival has it been possible to complete a circuit after the area around Arena was re-built following the circuit’s closure in 1994.

Competitors and drivers are afforded the opportunity to get back on track to re-create the experience of track racing at this unique venue.


Classic Car Sprint Race

For the first time in over 20 years Ingliston circuit hosts racing as competitors take on the clock in the Ingliston Revival Sprint. Watch cars and motorbikes take to the circuit and try to beat the fastest time as they race towards glory and the Revival Trophy.

Vehicle & Driver Registration For Classic Sprint Race – Entry deadline now passed.


Classic Car Parades

Re-live the experience of old Ingliston as vehicles take to the track for parades classified in to era and marque. A fun and evocative motor parade that happens between sprints throughout the weekend.

Vehicle & Driver Registration for the Parade – Entry deadline now passed.


You can view information on classes, timings and winners will below, click here to jump to it.

Timings - Saturday 13th

no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
4Chris Chilcott82.8375.8876.886th
6George Coghill66.7761.6056.051st
23David Seaton62.9558.562nd
29Donald Laird73.3169.9469.184th
54Alasdair McCaig66.9262.853rd
88Oliver Goodfellow85.1275.3670.505th
106Vernon M Williamson86.5977.6578.89
157Alan C. Ramsay83.9879.11
no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
1Oly Mortimer71.4868.6866.535th
10Andy Walker62.1788.2386.802nd
15George Cooper84.7048.4681.001st
20Colin McLachlan93.6591.7191.67
24Trevor McIlroy73.5272.6470.32
40Malcolm Milne68.6666.2764.133rd
43Wilson Maxwell65.7593.7591.534th
56Iain Mitchell71.6768.2967.44
62Michael Longstaffe79.3373.1469.88
65Jock Millar88.2184.4983.99
71Steven Muir72.3170.2569.05
80Neil Fisher76.4070.6067.326th
84Tom Marr84.8680.7079.36
100Olly Ross75.2172.7570.05
no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
7Graeme Forresterfail75.9675.17
8Finlay Crocker
14Richard Shaw88.9885.2185.87
21Jimmy Crow66.1668.4266.723rd
34Alex Graham79.9571.7874.705th
48Allan Harrop77.6474.0672.32
66Richard Morris85.4280.6780.51
69Jock Ramsay70.1365.2963.462nd
37Mike Connon68.8660.7760.101st
74Sandy McEwen74.3472.0871.806th
77Markus Bewley78.4778.7077.56
114Kenny Baird84.9280.7980.18
118Alan Head82.2979.7079.44
211Tom Wilson71.9067.9766.774th
no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
17George Leitch78.2267.8766.735th
22Martin Breen73.2970.0069.02
35Ian Blacklin97.8772.60
36David Sleigh62.1660.9359.391st
39Harry Simpson69.7268.8964.222nd
41Stan Bernard72.6468.9467.046th
52Nick Rossi85.8377.3978.66
63Derek Hastings77.3671.2970.26
70Keiron Baillie72.2082.2966.464th
73Alisdair Matheson71.7168.86
410Adam Bernard68.7165.1864.293rd
no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
33Alastair Baptie71.5265.0964.861st
18John Cleland74.8580.06
32Alasdair Coates74.7769.073rd
46Dominic Barnes76.6767.192nd
116Patrick Maclean80.9078.1178.15
150Jimmy Stewart82.0073.766th
232Scott Brennan89.9172.1269.624th
241Jamie McIntyre72.5970.035th

Timings - Sunday 14th

no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
4Chris Chilcott71.4471.1874.48
6George Coghill55.2054.6058.101st
23David Seaton55.6756.2156.392nd
29Donald Laird66.6967.47
54Alasdair McCaig77.7476.93
88Oliver Goodfellow67.9064.9468.37
106Vernon M Williamson64.9364.7269.283rd
157Alan C. Ramsay77.6177.2781.90
no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
1Oly Mortimer64.6064.981st
10Andy Walker78.9578.98
15George Cooper76.1676.43
20Colin McLachlan89.7689.6790.77
24Trevor McIlroy69.2469.74
40Malcolm Milne
43Wilson Maxwell88.9187.28
56Iain Mitchell66.9266.3666.49
62Michael Longstaffe68.6668.9472.80
65Jock Millar
71Steven Muir65.5266.7870.323rd
80Neil Fisher65.7264.9566.712nd
84Tom Marr77.0478.1077.09
100Olly Ross68.5371.35
no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
7Graeme Forrester71.2370.52
8Finlay Crocker
14Richard Shaw84.1084.9584.94
21Jimmy Crow65.5065.213rd
34Alex Graham70.6568.58
48Allan Harrop70.9470.3969.97
66Richard Morris78.0077.1577.53
69Jock Ramsay63.0863.4262.912nd
37Mike Connon57.89FAIL1st
74Sandy McEwen67.9767.58
77Markus Bewley75.2274.8274.85
114Kenny Baird76.9476.9279.19
118Alan Head75.7275.5676.85
211Tom Wilson65.7865.76
no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
17George Leitch63.9863.4564.183rd
22Martin BreenFAIL67.2466.60
35Ian Blacklin
36David Sleigh58.5158.3367.381st
39Harry Simpson
41Stan Bernard
52Nick Rossi75.01
63Derek Hastings65.8166.43
70Keiron Baillie62.5163.6762.212nd
73Alisdair Matheson
410Adam Bernard
no.namerun 1run 2run 3award
33Alastair Baptie63.5771.281st
18John Cleland
32Alasdair Coates75.42
46Dominic Barnes
116Patrick Maclean76.7076.5874.683rd
150Jimmy Stewart
232Scott Brennan67.9469.652nd
241Jamie McIntyre